Monday, April 10, 2006


Given the recent rains, I've decided to refocus my efforts on a new project, shown at the left. Though I may have problems getting building permits for it... Actually it's not raining right now, and during the breaks in the rain over the last several days I've managed to finish the siding except for a little bit above the front door, and the non v-rustic siding around the doors to help disguise the difference between the old 1x12+1x6 and the new 1x10+1x6. Except for the trim, paint, and gutters, it's looking pretty close to the final form on the outside. Oh, and the roof, assuming I find something to look like the cement shake on the old roof. And of course, the inside has a long ways to go yet.


Kath Baer said...
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Kath Baer said...

NOAH! Build an ark!

Righhht Lord.. What's an ark!?

NOAH! Build it somany cubits by so many cubits.

Right Lord... What's a CUBIT?!


Btw, Midland, Texas here!


Gene said...

There's the classic Noah and modern bureaucracy joke. Though besides the occasional long wait because they're understaffed, working with the city of Oakland has gone quite well.