Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Yesterday I routed the plumbing vent stack, and then started roofing the north side of the roof. Today I finished up the roofing, all the way up to the ridge cap. And just in time -- the rain is coming down pretty hard tonight.

I was scheduled to do aphersis today, but given the rain in the forecast, rescheduled my appointment for Friday so I could finish up the roof. The cricket is still just covered in tarpaper, but it feels a lot better knowing the addition has a real roof on it.

But I'd forgotten just how heavy a bundle of shingles is. When I worked with Edis last week, I carried some of the bundles from the car, but I had him move them up to the roof. I had a hard time explaining the correct level of precision needed for putting shingles on straight and watertight to him, and couldn't keep him busy enough to justify having him again, so I worked alone. Which meant I got to haul the rest of the shingles to the roof. And man are they heavy. Just carrying them on level ground is a workout, enough to get my heart pumping fast. Never mind carrying them up a ladder. But the roof is done for now, so my shoulder can take a rest.

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