Friday, September 09, 2005


I've added some pictures to previous entries, including some my neighbor Cynthia took during the concrete pour, and yesterday's entry about floor joists.

Today I worked alone, and started a bit later (well, OK, a lot later) than I do when I'm working with Edis or Naun. I installed the ledger board to hold one end of the floor joists, which involved putting in a lot of big self-tapping screws into the Simpson ICF ledger connectors. I also installed the rim board around the bedroom and bathroom level, and actually got 3 floor joists put up. I stopped there in part because to put in any more, I need to move the pile of joists I'm storing in the middle of the foundation, lest they get trapped. But it's looking more and more like a house!

And because Kat had never seen the loads I've carried on the VW Golf (and hinted at she probably didn't want to see), here's a picture of some 16' and 20' 2x10s that I brought home yesterday after dropping off Edis. I got them because a bad bit of planning. The ICF ledger connectors are for 2x material (1-1/2" actual thickness), but the rim board is only 1-1/4". So I needed to use regular lumber for them, though it's better to use manufactured rim boards when using manufactured joists, as regular lumber shrinks more than manufactured does, so it can lead to mismatches if you're not careful. So now I have too much rim board. I'm not sure if I can take it back or not, since it's a special order item.

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